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Glenshellach & Soroba Circular

Start point: Clocktower, Station Square, Oban.
Best for:Discovering new paths
Terrain: Concrete pavement, road and paths until Section 4. Beyond this mostly muddy, faint paths which can be very steep and slightly loose in some places.
Toilets: None
Distance: 6.4km
Total ascent: 164m
Allow: 1hr 20mins - 2hrs 30mins
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Step 1

From the clocktower walk towards the roundabout, turn right then immediately cross the road twice and continue along Argyll Square. Turn right along High Street, which is adjacent to the pedestrian crossing. Follow this road for about 500m then turn left along Glenshellach Road just after passing over the railway. Keep going straight along Glenshellach Road, passing a small bridge over the railway on your left. After passing through a residential area, turn left along a path signposted “Public footpath to Soroba Road”.


Step 2

This path terminates at a busy road. Cross over carefully to pick up the path on the other side. This path heads through a wooded area with houses to the right. At a fork kept left, heading uphill.


Step 3

At a give way sign on a pedestrian bollard turn left to continue along a track passing by a couple of driveways until it reaches the main road. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and then turn right to head uphill. Turn left and head towards the school, picking up the path which runs along the right side of the school.


Step 4

At the end of the path turn right and then cross over to take the first left. At the end of this road pick up the narrow path and follow this through the quiet glen.


Step 5

Early on there is a fork in the path - both branches lead to the same point. Once the path approaches some houses to your right, look out for an initially faint path on your left heading downhill through the trees.


Step 6

This path very quickly becomes much clearer, albeit a little boggy. Before the path heads uphill again, take - again - an initially faint right fork. Again the path soon becomes more obvious as it passes houses and flats down to your left.


Step 7

As the path emerges from the trees, keep to the right at a fork to stay on the higher path which heads uphill through ferns.


Step 8

Great views begin to appear over the roofs of the residential buildings below. The path rises more steeply before eventually emerging to the left of a house. Turn left here, continuing on the faint path. The views open up as you go on. At a faint fork, keep left on the more obvious path.


Step 9

The path undulates in and out of the trees, sometimes grassy, sometimes muddy, sometimes a little rocky but generally straightforward to follow. Ignore a very steep path off to the left within the woods and continue straight on. You will soon emerge from the trees into a more open area. Turn left downhill along a path here, which soon merges with another - continue on in the same direction. Ignore the very faint paths to the side and when you meet some faint forks don’t worry as these both end in the same place.


Step 10

Pass below the railway bridge where the ground is a little looser and stay on the main path as it swings to the left. Follow this path all the way to the bottom and turn left along a tarmac path which passes between woodland on the left and, on the right, houses, then eventually the high school. At the end of the path cross the zebra crossing and continue along the road before turning right onto the main road. Keep going until you return back to the main roundabout and on to the clocktower.